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Aqua Vita – The PS3 Gets All Fishy

PlayStation 3
One of the newly released videos that caught my eye on the Playstation store was the Leipzig Playstation Eye trailer. It showcased three new games:

  • Operation Creature Feature – Save the little, helpless creatures using your hands
  • Trials of Topoq – Solve puzzles (involving balls) using your hands
  • Aqua Vita – Err, play with fish using your hands

I use the word “games” here in the broadest sense, as Aqua Vita is shaping up to be an interactive screensaver. But as Sony haven’t released many details so far, the extent of Aqua Vita’s interactivity is still unclear. Certainly the clip shown below doesn’t show an awful lot of action going on. You can just about see the person – using the new Playstation Eye – causing the surface of the water to ripple, but that’s about it.

But according to the official UK Playstation website you will also be able to feed the fish and lure them towards you. See the fish, feed the fish, feel the fish. Or something to that effect anyway. Interactivity ahoy!

The above video clip also contains a glimpse of Skyblue. Other than it’s existence being confirmed in a Sony Q & A about the Playstation Eye on the ThreeSpeech blog, nothing else is known about this title. It might be another interactive screensaver like Aqua Vita. I didn’t realise there was such a demand for interactive screensavers.

I can see that they are trying to push the interactive nature of the Playstation Eye. But I’m not convinced that Aqua Vita is really the way to go. Surely this is going to be a play once or twice and then never again novelty game. I can’t see many aspects to the game that would keep me coming back for more. On the other hand, new fish for your aquarium maybe? Oooh, sharks and whale packs as downloadable content?

On the bright side the other games shown in the Leipzig Playstation Eye trailer look far more promising and fun to play. Personally, I’m looking forward to testing our the Trials of Topoq when it’s released. Sony should focus on this type of Playstation Eye interactivity, which would reach out to the section of the casual gamer market that the Wii has so ruthlessly acquired. Although, I don’t think you could say that the causal gamer would buy a PS3 at it’s currently price point. In the UK at least it is still an expensive piece of kit. And no, adding a couple of games to a bundle does not constitute a price drop in any way, shape or form.

Finally, if you’re looking for something more useful that involves fish, but not your PS3 games* console. What about this aquarium wash basin from Rossari & Associati.


* Yes, Sony. I like to play games on my PS3 and PSP and not watch TV, use GPS or messenger. I have other devices that provides these services to me already. More games please.