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Playstation 3 – Firmware V1.80

PS3Logo.jpg24th May 2007 sees the release of the latest firmware update from Sony for the Playstation 3. This latest update takes us to the heady hights of V1.80.

This update includes the following goodies:

  • Upscaling DVDs, PSone and PS2 games upto 1080p (note: HD telly required!).
  • Remote Play update – Allows you to control your PS3 over the net using your PSP (firmware 3.5 required on your PSP).
  • Ability to stream media content to the PS3 from any DLNA3* enabled device on your home network.
  • Ability to print images from the PS3 to a variety of Epson printers.

The functionality I’m particularly interested in is the upscaling. Gameswank (nice site name!) has an extensive post showing PS3 upscaling in action, but there seems to be a lot of image stretching going which looks a bit dodgy to me.

So I’m going to do my own comparison using Wipeout 2097 and our 40inch Sony Bravia HD TV. Check back in the next few days for the results.

*No, I’ve not got a clue if any of my stuff (laptop, PC) is DLNA3 compatible either!