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Funeral for an Air Guitar

Last night the humble air guitar was put to rest at a dignified ceremony in Hoxton. Famed for its appearances in such Hollywood films as Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and Tenacious D in: The Pick of Destiny, the air guitar has left two sons, Guitar Hero and Guitar Hero II.

The ceremony was a fitting tribute, with poetry readings and celebrities in attendance.

Guitar Hero 2 - Celebrity Mourners

There’s a distinctly evil glow in some of those mourners’ eyes…
The coffin was solemnly carried in by some lovely pallbearers for cremation.

Guitar Hero 2 - Pallbearers

“Slash” played a moving tribute of popular rock solos.

Guitar Hero 2 - Slash plays a tribute

By the end, Air Guitar’s weeping widow had be gently led away from the burning coffin by a kindly monk.

Guitar Hero 2 - Weeping Widow

If you would like to leave your own tribute to the late Air Guitar, its descendant Guitar Hero II is available for the PS2 from today.

Edit: Woo, I’m famous! Check me out at you NEWB, where they’ve posted the press photos of the air guitar funeral. I’m the one with the bandanna in the last picture. A small version of the same pic was also used at GameSHOUT. Must be coz I’m so cute in my fluffy coat, right? Heehee…