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PSP Dustballs – The website

First we had the bizarre PSP advert featuring 2 “Mexican” dustballs and now Sony has given these 2 dustballs a website called

On this website you can find:

  • 2 dustball TV ads – 3 more coming soon
  • Sign up for Dustball newsletter
  • Info about PSP Wi-fi, online gaming, media manager and game sharing

Apart from the ads there’s not a huge amount of content on this site, but it is worth a view just to hear the witty banter between the 2 dustballs. They are quite funny, especially in the Tekken: Dark Resurrection tv advert. Roar!

Edit 27th Jan 2010: The site is no longer maintained (shocker, I know) but plenty of YouTubers have uploaded the videos. My favourite:

You can see all the old PSP Dustball ads in this video.

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