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UK Frag Dolls now recruiting

Be the next Frag Doll With the imminent departure of Voodoo, Frag Dolls UK are recruiting two new members.

In Jam‘s words:

“We’re looking for passionate, friendly, dedicated girl gamers to join our team. You must be 18 or over, live in the UK, and – of course – be female!”

“I myself am going to be part of the recruitment process for our two new Frag Dolls, and what I’m looking for are good communicators, people who are comfortable with being in the public eye, and people who are good at games.”

I’ve also been told by someone who applied previously that the job is:

“…Part time, paid. Duties include going to various commerical meetups, smiling for cameras and kicking ass on games.”

I’m guessing it’s competitive gaming so that pretty much rules me out. I’m a solitary gamer who dips the occasional toe into the murky and varied pool that is online gaming but for the most part is content to save her outraged ranting for the computer’s AI. Nobody deserves to hear the sorts of words that come out of my mouth during Burnout’s Road Rage events.

Judging by what I’ve seen online there’s also a fair amount of blogging required. In addition to everything else, you’ll also need the ability to deal coolly and constructively with the inevitable attacks from all sides ranging from “Ner, girls can’t play games. You suck,” through to “You girls may be great at games but are cheapening yourselves and are nothing more than Ubisoft shills dressed up in skirts. You’re demeaning women and equality by existing.” See here for some good example of both positive and negative comments you could be getting. I have lots of respect for these ladies and anyone else who can take on unprovoked attacks on their group without batting an eyelid or rising to the bait.

All ladies who are interested should get started on a 1000 word essay on the wide-ranging topic of “Girls in Gaming” for later submission and keep an eye on for further announcements. I hear rumours of an application form as well but no further details or any deadlines have been announced as of yet.

[via LiveJournal girl_gamers]