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Loco Roco Sing-a-long!

Loco Roco bouncing blobs! A special post for all of you out there who just can’t get that damn song out of their heads. It’s evil, I tell you. Eviiiiiiil!

“Jurareshi kamoorijei
Yamfooer shibarijei
Apuru shikijurapiu
Juraranoim tomobarei nimpu-yarei”

Kevin of VideoCrab has kindly written up a phonetic transcription of the LocoRoco demo music (mp3 also provided) so we can all sing along and hopefully put that pesky catchy song to rest. Seriously, I wake up with it ringing in my head. I go to bed with it ringing in my head. I play Tetris DS in the hopes that the Mario music will drown it out but somehow it always manages to creep back in and make me bop around work going “Jurareshi la laaaa la la. Nur nur nur nur da da da doo” like a mad woman.

So I give up. I will sing along. I hereby sign my soul over to Tsuotomu Kouno. It makes me happy :)


  1. Simon

    1st Jun, 2006 at 9:39 pm

    Briliant find! I’m obsessed with this game and the music is so damn catchy. Now we need the English translations so I work out what the hell they’re singing!

  2. Lindz

    26th Jun, 2006 at 4:57 pm

    I did make my own transcription

    Voodoo lemon at hannukah…

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  4. Kate

    3rd Sep, 2006 at 11:28 pm

    yeah we made up the first two lines:

    itchy burn, itchy burn a chi
    just as green as a runner bean


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