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EA extends FIFA licence

The recent announcement that EA has extended its exclusive licence with FIFA till 2014 has brought tears to my eyes. Not in a good way I might add. Personally I can’t wait for FIFA 2014 as I’m betting it will be the best FIFA game ever and much better than FIFA 2013. FIFA 2014 also boasts motion-captured grass, worms and snails for ultra realistic playing conditions.

EA scheduled releases for 2013 (allegedly):

  • FIFA 2014.
  • Tiger Woods OAP tour 2014.
  • Need For Speed Underground 13.
  • Burnout: I’m really, really, really annoyed and would like some more revenge, much more revenge than last time and with more cars and more speed II.

I’m depressed now, so I’m off to play LocoRoco to cheer myself up!