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Guild Wars reset official guild ladder

Little Guild Wars snowman Guild Wars are due to set their Guild Ladder today, so if anyone out there got sick of playing PvP because the same ancient guilds were dominating the ladder it could be worth dusting off your old copy and firing it up again.

We were never into the PvP side of it – far too much effort that could otherwise be spent trying to get pics of our guildmates in compromising poses! Also here.

The regional playoffs of the Guild Wars World Championship (based on last year’s ladder) are also running at the moment, with $50,000 going to the winning guild! If you have Guild Wars, it could be well worth watching through the Observer mode they brought in during December. Matches will be shown with a 15 minute delay (to prevent cheating) and you can watch from the camera of any individual competitor. How cool is that? Match schedule is over here.