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Play games for real money!

Prize Fight beta logoPrize Fight is a website that pits gamers of a similar level against each other and gives cash to the winner! You need to be 18 or over to play. They’re going live this Tuesday, 10th January 2006 and are offering £5 of promotional credit to the accounts of the first 300 people to sign up that day. (And also to anyone who signs up to the beta, so if you have time to play tonight or tomorrow, sign up now!)

What games are running?

Counter-Strike: Source and Half-Life 2: Deathmatch wth BattleField 2 and Quake 4 coming soon. They also have plans to add RTS, driving and sports games. You need your own (legal) copy of each game in order to participate.

How does it work?

Prize Fight beta schedule screenshot
At launch, games will run from 4pm to midnight. You view a schedule, log into the game you want to play, pay an entrance fee upfront and then blow stuff up! First, second and third place each get a percentage of the pot credited to their account. Click on the screenshot of the beta for an example of the schedule.

There is also a minimum prize, so if no one else enters the game, you’re not losing out.

Skills levels are determined by your previous performances on Prize Fight. More details are in the FAQ, which also talks about their anti-cheating strategy.

They also support clans and buddy lists.

How do I make real money, not Prize Fight account money?

You can withdraw your winnings (but not promotional credit) to a PayPal account.


Prize Fight
Counter-Strike: Source
Half-Life 2: Deathmatch