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House of the Dead 4 – First Impressions

Damn, this game sucks. The House of the Dead 4

Played it this afternoon with TheFluffyFist in an arcade coz it looked really great. It’s your standard wander-through-the-building-shooting-zombies arcade shooter. This time around you get uzi-style machine guns with grenade launchers and you get attacked by absolutely fricking LOADS of zombies at once! Fantastic stuff! And then during every other intense battle a zombie clings to the screen (apparently it’s supposed to be clinging to your gun) and you have to spend the next 5 seconds shaking it off by literally shaking your machine gun to fill a progress bar while other zombies attack you.


This makes no sense. Why can’t I just shoot it? Or at least have some buttons or a pedal to kick it in the crotch or headbutt it or something that makes sense. Extreme Zombie Wobbling? Lame.

Full review may be coming but the only place I’ve seen it was £2 per credit and I am not spending that much money to shake a plastic machine gun in public. Have you guys played it? What did you think?

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