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Truly bizarre games

The Escapist, an online magazine on gaming culture, has an article this week about some really weird games that were actually made.

In Ai Cho Aniki (“Love! Super Big Brother!”), the sequel to the 1992 Turbografix side-scrolling shooter that started the series, you control a thong-clad flying bodybuilder, Samson, who fires white blobs of fluid from the top of his bald head. He fights onrushing legions of huge bald musclemen, as well as the occasional fairy with her boat of thonged men. Samson can also sprinkle enemies with fairy dust.

Uh… yeah. Okay. I was gonna comment on another article in this week’s edition where the writer talks about a crazy world where girls play games like Street Fighter at parties and men can casually mention Final Fantasy in a water-cooler conversation without getting blank stares or looks of disgust (Japan) and how nice a world it would be… but if it this is where that world leads? Hmm… scary… sounds fun though!

The full article on weird Asian games available here.