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Commodore Amiga 30th Anniversary Events

Shadow Ship - Mars
In 1985, Commodore launched wonderful Amiga computer family. During the late 80s and early 90s the Amiga became home to a huge range of classic games and applications. It shaped my childhood as I grew up playing games like Dungeon Master, Stunt Car Racer, Carrier Command and Sensible World of soccer on my A500 and A1200.

Amiga computers even brought sci-fi TV show Babylon 5 to life as the visual effects including the space station, Starfury ships and the terrifying Shadow vessels were designed and rendered on an Amiga running Lightwave 3D software.

To celebrate the Amiga’s 30th anniversary there are a series of events being held around the world. In Mountain View, California a group of Amiga enthusiasts are holding an event in July featuring a banquet, panel of original Amiga developers and historical artifact displays. You can find out more details about the event and tickets here.

On 27th June in Amsterdam the first of the two European Amiga events take place. It too features a panel of guests, switch-on Amigas, a few disk imaging service, food and a raffle. At the moment there are only waiting list tickets available but the organisers have said they are hoping to increase the event capacity soon. You can apply for tickets here.

Finally, in the UK on the 2nd Aug 2015 in Peterborough there’s a VIP charity dinner celebration featuring many of the key figures behind the Amiga success story:

  • RJ Mical of Amiga Corporation (1984)
  • David Pleasance of Commodore UK
  • Kelly & Kieron Sumner of Commodore UK
  • Martyn Brown & Allister Brimble of Team 17
  • Jon Hare of Sensible Software

Full day tickets start from £40.40 which you can book here.

It’s worth checking out the UK event’s blog as it recreates the classic Amiga workbench operating system look and feel.

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