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Valentines, Shmalentines

Dragon Age Inquisition - Dorian
We all know that Valentine’s Day is pretty much (entirely) about the sending & receiving of mushy presents, over-paying for cut flowers and generally trying to be romantic. According to a survey from e-commerce company Rakuten, we spend to the tune of almost £120 per person in the UK.

One hundred and twenty pounds! Us gamers have better things to be spending that on and, if you’re single, it’s oh so much simpler to indulge in some of these beauties.

  • How about a Corsair Gaming Keyboard? CGK70 MX Cherry Red Just about under budget and pretty much the best keyboard I’ve ever clapped fingers on. Plus it glows. Extra plus, it has raised keys so you can de-crumb far more efficiently.
  • Or you could wait for a couple of weeks and pick up Dying Light for around £45.00, especially if you have friends that love a bit of zombie action.
  • Not so many gaming friends? Grab a copy of Dragon Age Inquisition, order pizza and vanish for the weekend (and all future weekends for quite a while). [Editor’s note: I would have published a review of this game but I’m a hundred hours in and it’s still going. Highly recommended!]
  • A fan of Zelda and arguments? Legend of Zelda: Monopoly is now a thing!
  • Toys more your bag? It’s possible I have a vested interest in bringing this Balloonicorn to your attention but there’s also this Doom Cacodemon Plush and the Elder Scrolls Mudcrab Plush

No list would be complete without some little treasures from Etsy, so rounding off:

Who needs romance? We have video games.