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Pre-purchase AITD: Illumination for Private Beta Access

Alone In The Dark Illumination
Pre-purchase Alone In The Dark: Illumination and you’ll get access to the private beta that starts today. You’ll have the chance to explore the single-player mode, playing as The Hunter. The first level will be available, allowing players to explore The Mines of Lorwich. There will be an additional beta annnounced prior to the Spring 2015 launch.

Set in Lorwich, Virgina, AITD: Illumination features light-based gameplay. You’ll have to use light to create safe zones that damage enemies, while uncovering the mystery of Lorwich.

“With the introduction of a single-player mode with the merciless Hunter, within the first environment, the menacing Coal Mine, we are laying the foundation of Alone in the Dark: Illumination,” said Peter Banks, Senior Product Lead, Atari. The full game will also include a co-operative multiplayer mode, bringing a whole new meaning to Alone In The Dark. There will be four different classes to play – The Hunter, the Witch, the Priest and the Engineer.

To get access to the private beta, you can pre-purchase Alone In The Dark: Illumination on Steam.