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Launch your LoL eSports Career with giffgaff

giffgaff eSports
UK mobile phone company giffgaff are holding a League of Legends tournament this autumn, aimed exclusively at new teams. Think you and your friends are shit-hot but just need to be given a chance? This is it. Riot and giffgaff are working together to offer a £10,000 prize pool for the finalists, as well as Riot Points and merch. The move into eSports is being led by Gregg Baker, who has managed community events at Electronic Arts, Atari, Jagex and more.

From the giffgaff eSports website:

“There is no skill requirement to enter: all you need is a ranked team in League of Legends made up of 5-9 (5 mains and a maximum of 4 subs) people who are over 18 and UK residents on or before November 20th.

When you sign up, you’ll be asked to either create a team or join a team. When a team is created, it is automatically put forward for the giffgaff Legends Tournament so no need to worry about that. You have until October 5th to get everyone signed up, after which the team roster gets locked in and can’t be changed, so get your subs and alternates in now. Also remember that you’re only allowed to enter the tournament as a part of one team so don’t create or join multiple teams.”

They’ll be streaming the games weekly on Twitch, leading up to the final that will take place at Insomnia 53 in Coventry over the weekend of 20th November.

This initiative isn’t limited to eSports competitors. eSports giffgaff will also be a hub where gamers can learn about other careers in eSports. They’ll be running interviews and advice from Team Dignitas’ eSports manager Michael “Odee” Odell, NA League of Legends Team Coach William “Scara” Li as well as tips for aspiring YouTubers, shoutcasters, tournament hosts and more.