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What’s on the Back of This AC: Unity Map?

Assassins Creed Unity Paris Map Sept 2014 Front
Ubisoft sent me a paper map of Paris, the late 1700s setting for Assassin’s Creed Unity. The front seems to be the same as the cloth map that was sent out to Assassin’s Creed fan sites in early August.

This particular map has one distinctly modern feature – the number This is an IP address but sadly, it’s not as interesting as it seems – typing it into a browser just redirects to the Ubisoft homepage.

[Update: The IP address now redirects to Given that’s it’s the 23rd today, I’m beginning to think that maybe my post turned up a day earlier than planned.

Or, as pointed out by a friend on Twitter, Ubisoft are planning something for just after midnight tonight at Monmarte, the setting from the photo.]

Project Widow Homepage

Project Widow Homepage

Rather more interesting is the message printed in French on the bottom-left corner: toumer et écouter
Google Translate tells me that this means “rotate and listen”. [edit: or as suggested below, tourner, giving “turn and listen”]

Flip the map over and this is printed on the rear:

Assassins Creed Unity Paris Map Sept 2014 Rear

Are they sound waves? Is it even possible to convert this type of thing back into an audio file? I am intrigued but also clueless.