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In Other News: Gravity Badgers, FIFA 15 FUT and more.

Once again, here’s what else is happening from indie games reporting around the UK.

Expansive DLC’s PictoPirate has been playing Gravity Badgers on the PS Vita, which “gives fun bite-sized chunks of badger flinging mayhem.” The game have a hundred levels and uses the three-star rating system to tell yoo how well you’ve done, so there’s plenty of stuff to do. However, Pictopirate still wasn’t too keen.

The new episode of the StickTwiddlers podcast is out. Alan seems to think that “Everyone stick everyone” is an appropriate playground phrase despite nobody else in the world having ever heard it used outside an orgy. This week’s quiz is “Are you smarter than a KSI fan?” and the listeners make inappropriate suggestions as to what happened to Jamie.

Adam Cook at God Is A Geek spent a while talking to FIFA Ultimate Team Producer Marcel Kuhn. FIFA 15’s version will feature a loan system whereby you can get players on loan from EA for a limited number of matches. “…essentially it matches what you know from the real world of football,” said Kuhn. “So let’s say he has five games as a loan duration. Once he has played those five games, he returns to his parent club – which in this case is EA.

Steven Pilkington as GGS Gamer got hands-on with Dead Island 2 and interviewed two of the guys behind the game.