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In Other News: Destiny, Another World and Various Terrible Games

Destiny First Look Alpha_20140616144122
Welcome to In Other News, a new weekly round-up of interesting articles that I”ve seen on fellow games blogs. It”ll be a regular feature on Tuesdays starting today.

The Destiny beta happened last week, initially for people with PS4s and pre-orders before opening up to all other platforms. Rather cheeky of Bungie and Activision to do that, I feel, since they undoubtedly got a load of preorders during the first couple of days from people who didn”t know it would be opening up so soon. I heartily disapprove of this bait-and-switch tactic.

Regardless, I jumped back in to see what”s changed since my first impressions of the Alpha. Like everyone else, I was saddened to discover that the ghost of Peter Dinklage no longer realises that the wizard came from the moon.

StickTwiddlers” Sean T McCarthy got a bit more involved in the beta and has posted a lengthy preview which covers Destiny”s Iron Banners beta event and more info on The Crucible. He also has a gameplay video of the first light multiplayer map, which is worth checking out.

GGS Gamer tried to wax nostalgic with the 20th Anniversary Edition of Another World. Mostly, Vikki learned that games were hard back then when we didn”t have the internet to distract us and would actually spent days working on a single section of a game. Nowadays we have video walkthroughs and a depressing addiction to social media, so games can”t afford to be quite so punishing.

As a game review, you need to be casino prepared to play (and complete) a lot of terrible games. God Is A Geek“s Colm Ahern has compiled his list of “Definitely, The Top 5 Games of 2014, So Far”. It”s better described as 6 Really Awful Games of 2014.

I still maintain that Bound By Flame is a lot better than people think. Until you get to the end and realise that the game wasn”t actually finished and that they didn”t even bother doing cutscenes for the final few plot points.

Finally, Expansive DLC has been brutalised by Gods Will Be Watching from Deconstructeam. I”ve played a bit of this and in almost 45 minutes, I never even made it past the first section. Neil Hughes, however, has completed it and in his review says “It’s an interesting game, one that will haunt you for days, and a genius evolution for the Point and Click genre.”