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E3 2014: EA Conference Summary

EA Conference E3 2014

EA”s E3 2014 conference showed off the big favourites as well as some unexpected announcements. Here”s the low-down.

Dragon Age: Inquisition

EA opened their conference with, of all things, a cellist playing over a Dragon Age: Inquisition trailer. Aaryn Flynn, Studio General Manager at BioWare talked through the basics of the game – assemble a team of heroes and save the world. They emphasised the tactical options – you can play a more action-oriented style, or pause the game and give orders through the tactical map, then watch the action play out.

Here”s the trailer:

Mass Effect (sort of)

  • Lots of talk about building big worlds for the next generation.
  • I don”t think they said a whole lot, to be honest.
  • “We”re taking you to a whole new region of space”
  • “New places, New characters. “
  • “New people to fall in love with.”
  • New lens flare.

BioWare also announced a completely new IP that they”re working on. It”s the leafy one that starts at 1:22 in the video below.

The Sims 4

  • You”ll be able to choose the personalities of your Sims. They”ll fight, fall in love, look tired, look happy and so on. I don”t really get what”s different from The Sims 3.
  • There”s a new gallery to let you browse Sims and other player-created objects and pull them into your game. (There will presumably also be stuff from EA to buy)


  • They pit Bruce Lee against BJ Penn.
  • Virtual dudes kicking each other in the virtual face, YEAH.

Untitled Criterion Game

  • Criterion are making a new first-person vehicle game.
  • Planes, jet skis, ATVs, wing suits, snowmobiles, basically any vehicle or adrenaline sport you can think of.
  • It”s heavily influenced by action cameras on YouTube.

PGA Tour

Madden NFL 15

  • Launching 26th August
  • There”s a new defensive camera
  • You choose the direction to push your opponent during a battle if you get blocked.
  • Open field tackling has been redesigned for more consistent results. There are conservative, safe tackles and aggressive, risky tackles. You can dive towards the ball carrier if you”re far away.
  • Hundreds of new player emotions and reactions.


  • It”s a MOBA.
  • It builds on the classic MOBA with a flexible meta-game based on the roles your team chooses.
  • You can play any character in any position in the game.
  • There”s a “massive, epic story arc” for some reason.
  • A whole section of the world is dedicated to bad-ass bookish nerds. Really. They said that.

Mirror”s Edge 2

  • It”s about mastering the environment.
  • They talked about Faith”s concept – She”s a runner, living outside society, blah blah blah.
  • Parkour artists came in to talk to the dev team
  • Faith has more moves.
  • Combat will be built to incorporate these moves.
  • More story about Faith. Who is she? Why is she doing what she”s doing.


  • It”s more realistic than ever.
  • Full body defending.
  • Shirt pulling.
  • Better visuals.
  • Turf will tear, corner flags will move and the kit gets dirty.
  • Football.

Battlefield: Hardline

  • Cops and Criminals. Good guys vs bad guys.
  • Demo of a 32-player heist
  • A criminal crouches behind a van pressing square to break in while other teammates defend
  • Cops drive up and start shooting.
  • Wait, which ones are the bad guys?
  • Criminals try to escape with the loot.
  • Chaos ensues.
  • It”s basically PayDay with a much bigger budget and fighting against people instead of bots.
  • The beta is out NOW on PC and PS4
  • Sign up to the beta here.