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Ebay launches UK Collections

Ebay Video Game Collections
Ebay have launched their Collections in the UK and I”ve been working with them to collate some beautiful gamer-themed merchandise. Collections are exactly what they sound like – hand-curated groups of items on eBay. Yup, I”ve trawled through thousands of Ebay listings to find the best stuff.

Check out The Legend of Zelda collection for more Triforces and Hylian crests than you could ever want. Look at the Game-Inspired Clothing collection to get a good mix of caps and hoodies from loads of games, including Clem”s hat from Telltale”s The Walking Dead and shoes from the Resident Evil Umbrella Corporation.

Batman Joker StatueIf you”re in the market for something huggable, you can find a bunch of plushie characters here, with Pokémon, companion cubes and Mario stuff. If too much money is burning a hole in your pocket, take a look at the Impress Your Friends for amazing, but often casino online expensive statues and collectibles.

Over in the PlayStation People collection you”ll find PlayStation Plus time cards as well as Sack Boy, Killzone and other PlayStation exclusives. There”s also an Xbox Accessories collection for the Microsoft fans – Gears of War, Halo and more.

Obviously things appear and disappear from eBay all the time so I”ll not list all my collections here. Instead, go to the main Average Gamer Collections page and see them for yourself. I”ll be updating things every couple of weeks, so if you”re an avid eBayer, follow the collections you like and you”ll be able to see when I find new things.

Got any suggestions for collections that you”d like to see? Let me know, I”ll set it up.