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Colin Xbox Broadcast

On the podcast this week – I talk about new Thief and how it compares to Dishonored. Colin gets threatened with home dentistry while Nick talks Elite Dangerous. We also discuss the new party and Twitch updates that are coming to Xbox One in March.


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Debbie (@weefz)
Colin (@colincgallacher)
Nick (@captskyrocket)

00:30 Xbox One updates
14:15 Warehouse and Logistics Simulator
19:35 Xbox one updates again
26:45 Thief and Dishonored
37:00 Tomb Raider (minor spoilers)
39:05 South Park: The Stick of Truth

Oh, I’ll do the rest later. Here’s the order we talk about things, if you want to skip ahead.

Home dentistry
Kiefer Sutherland
Elite Dangerous
Fallout 3
Favourite co-op games from the community! Army of Two, Borderlands, Dead Rising, Garry’s Mod, Halo Reach, Mass Effect 3 and more.

Thanks to Cordon_726, Boogalord, Cr0wley, Ulkreghz and ItsShinyHere for sending in their favourite co-op games.

Show Notes

The people that Twitch thanks for their video:

This is a Freddo.

This is Warehouse and Logistics Simulator with Hells Warehouse DLC.

Seriously. Lococycle guy’s face.

LocoCycle face

Tomb Raider: Oops, Reyes didn’t have an abortion, nor a miscarriage. She had an actual child. Here’s the collectible diary entry.

Tomb Raider Reyes Father