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Crack Locks, Win Thief Prizes

Fancy yourself a sneaky thief? To celebrate the launch of the new Thief game (my review here), Square Enix and GAME are running a competition to win a “high value” prize by cracking into a chest at one of 10 GAME shops around the country from 11am tomorrow, 27th February.

You’ll be given a standard issue lock pick, a how to guide for picking locks and just five minutes to break into a locked chest. The first person to break into each chest will win one of these prizes:

  • A PlayStation 4
  • A PlayStation Vita
  • A high-end gaming rig from AMD
  • Titan Books’ The Art of Thief signed by Nicolas Cantin, Game Director on Thief, with GAME store vouchers

Here’s the chest you’ll have to pick. I suspect showing up with a fire axe and smashing into it will not count as cracking the lock.


Chests will be at the following GAME shops. Check their Twitter accounts before you set out, to make sure the lock hasn’t been cracked yet. As with all robberies, there’s no loot for showing up late.

Westfield, Stratford –

Bullring, Birmingham –

Trafford Centre, Manchester –

Meadow Hall, Sheffield –

West Quay, Southampton –

Lakeside, West Thurrock –

Norwich, NR2 1PT –

Newcastle, NE1 7XP –

James Centre, Edinburgh –

Cardiff, CF10 2ER –