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Styx: Master of Shadows Preview


Publishers Focus Home Interactive are describing Styx: Master of Shadows as “an infiltration game with RPG elements”. I’m not entirely sure what an “infiltration game” would be – aren’t most games based around trying to get from A to B and killing or avoiding everyone in the process?

In this particular game, you play as a centuries-old goblin named Styx, who has an array of killing, sneaking and magical skills. Most notably, he can create a clone – albeit a rather less glamorous goblin than himself – which you can possess and run around distracting enemies and getting into fights. Meanwhile, you jump back into Styx and tootle on your merry way down the corridor and into a nearby crevice.

He can perform air backstabs, corner backstabs, bog-standard standing-right-behind-you backstabs or even just pickpocket and walk away from an enemy. You’ll also have environmental kills; climb into the rafters and drop a chandelier onto an unsuspecting victim, scaring the crap out of everyone else in the room and, again, going on your merry way into the next room.

Styx’s goal is to infiltrate the Tower of Akenash Because of Reasons pertaining to his history and magic and so on. You’ll face human enemies, grotesquely large slave goblins, towering elves and plenty of other enemies.

Lead Level Designer Julien Desourteaux from Cyanide Studio (Blood Bowl, Game of Thrones, Of Orcs and Men) showed me some of the moves and creatures in this gameplay demo.

(Julien, if you see this, I apologise for mangling your name.)

Styx: Master of Shadows will be coming to PC in 2014.

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