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Huge PlayStation 4 Day One System Update

PlayStation 4 - Home ScreenSony have announced that there’s a huge system update waiting for all new PlayStation 4 owners from launch day. Weighing in 300mb, update 1.50 makes your new PS4 do all the shiny next-gen things that Sony has been taking about:

  • Second screen – Use PS Vita, iOS and Android devices as a second screen assuming the game supports it
  • Remote Play – Play PS4 games on your Vita over wi-fi
  • Play as you download – Start playing before the kettle has even boiled (depending on your internet speed)
  • Online multiplayer – Assuming you have PS+ subscription you can play against others online
  • Play Blu-ray and DVDs – Will require activating over the internet as well
  • Multiple log-ins – Up to 4 users at the same time
  • Stream and watch gameplay – Show the world your ninja gaming skills via Twitch or Ustream
  • Record, take screenshots and upload gameplay – The PS4 is always watching, recording the last 15 mins of gameplay so you can spam Facebook and Twitter with the best bits (if there are any)
  • Facial recognition – If you have a PS Eye the PS4 will recognise your face and save you pressing a button to log in

However, suspend/resume mode won’t be available at launch (i.e. put the PS4 into a low-power state and then instantly resume your game). This is coming later in another system update.

Let’s just hope that Sony’s servers can hold up over the strain of everyone downloading this first update as it sounds like the PS4 can do bugger all without it.

Welcome to the next-generation of gaming everyone. It’s going be update and patch-tastic!