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Sponsored Post: What’s Up With The FIFA 14 TV Commercial?

FIFA 14 - Protecting The Ball
In more FIFA news, here’s the FIFA 14 TV commercial.

Apparently the way we all really want to play FIFA is in the middle of a hot, dry desert, sand blowing in our faces while the TV is suspended in mid-air from a parachute. It’s being dragged by a van because, as we all know, vans are known for their all-terrain abilities and their aerodynamic profile is well-suited to combating the parachute drag.

Of course, that’s ignoring the fact that in a desert, the Sun would either provide far too much backlight for anyone to see the picture, or far too much reflection, depending on its relative position with the television. Perhaps the picture is actually projected onto a blank canvas, in which case, what sorcerous technology are they using to keep it aligned with the screen in the first place?

Also, being dragged through the sand at that speed would surely kick up so much dust that even with goggles (or trendy sunglasses), you probably wouldn’t find the screen in the first place. And just think of the damage it would do to your controllers, noooooo!

I think some, if not all of the guys in the trailer are footballers. If this is their fantasy, those guys really do live in a different world from the rest of us.

How are those sofas even powered? What is even happening? I don’t understand marketing. Does this sell product?

FIFA 14 is out now on a bunch of current platforms and coming out in November on a couple more.

This post has been sponsored by EA, but all thoughts are my own.