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Gamescom 2013: Beyond: Two Souls Uses Mobile Phones As Controllers

Beyond: Two Souls - 2-Player ControlsWhile Sony has been showcasing the PS Vita as a second controller and screen for the PS3/PS4, David Cage has other ideas. This morning at gamescom he played Beyond: Two Souls with a colleague using two controllers. One of which was a mobile phone.

Called Beyond Touch mode, there’s app which will be released for iOS and Android (but not PS Vita) that connects to your PS3 via wifi and act as another controller.

There’s nothing on your phone screen apart from a switch button, used to swap control during 2-player mode. As we covered in our Beyond: Two Souls first impressions post, the game is about two characters which the player takes control of during the game.

But in this in this new 2-player mode one person controls Jodie with the other in charge of Aiden. How it works is that player 1, controlling Jodie, can give control of Aiden to player 2 by pressing triangle on their controller. Then viewed on the same screen, but as Aiden, player 2 can float through walls, use his telekentic powers to help Jodie. Then player 2 gives control back to player 1. It’s all very easy and with no split screen, allows 2 people to take part in the story of Beyond: Two Souls.

Game switches to easy mode when using the phone controller too. All combinations of controller are possible in both the single and 2-player game. Two people on mobile, one on mobile with the other on Dualshock or even play the whole single-player game on a your mobile.

Beyond: Two Souls will be released on the 11th Oct 2013 for PlayStation 3.