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Saints Row IV – 7 Tips and Tricks

Saints Row IV - Falling
Saints Row IV was released in the US today and will be out here on Friday. Maybe you’ve already read my review. It’s not a hard game – you won’t find any battles that need special tactics to beat. Instead, here are some tips to help you get the most out of those early hours.

  1. Go Vertical: The fastest way to travel is by running and there are plenty of collectibles to find on those tall buildings. Unlock the Super Sprint – Wall Running power as soon as possible (level 6, requires 15 clusters).
  2. Stay Focused: It’s tempting to just run around the world at the start but you’ll just delay the power unlocks. Cane through the campaign quests, at least until you find Keith David. Ideally until you reach Matt Miller.
  3. Check out the Challenges: A lot of the good stuff must be unlocked by completing challenges. You’ll find these in your quest log. Completing 19 challenges will unlock the Notoriety Wipe skill, allowing you to dismiss attackers at the touch of a button. Killing aliens is great and all but sometime you just want to get where you’re going without being bothered by those pesky laser beams.

  4. Farm Pedestrians: Buy the Health – Pedestrian Carnage upgrade. This will allow you to farm health from nearby pedestrians if you’re stuck in a miniboss battle that’s going awry and no more enemies are around for health drops.
  5. Cache Cow: Also buy the Cache – Hourly Transfer Rate upgrade, available under Boosts when you hit level 6. You’ll generate free cache (the simulation’s oddly-named equivalent of cash) that can be picked up from the menu. Don’t forget to check it every time you log in.
  6. Mix Things Up: It’s easy to get into the trap of using your favourite weapons and powers but the Steelport sidequests are all basically the same tasks. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that this means it’s boring. Shake things up by testing out your power combos and buying new weapon skins. They all have different effects. You’re in a sandbox. Make your own entertainment.
  7. Cheat Your Way To The Top: There are five towers in Steelport. The game would have you treat these as jumping puzzles, leaping from platform to platform. It’s nice that they have save points every few platforms but if you get bored, just bypass them entirely. Call in the Xor or the Void vehicles and fly yourself up there in seconds. You can grab the clusters on your way down.
    Saints Row IV Tower

Got any tips you’d like to share? Or maybe something you’re having trouble with? Leave a comment below, I’ll check it out.

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