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Virgin Media Launches Game Space in London

Virgin Media Game Space 2013 VMGS Logo
Virgin Media will be launching a gaming hub in London’s Shoreditch at the end of this month. Running from 27th August until 21st September, it will be a place for gamers and aspiring developers to play, learn and improve their skills. It will be free to enter and open every Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 7pm.

Over those four weeks, there will be a range of game-related shows on offer, curated by David Hayward. “Games are such a diverse thing now,” said Hayward, “and I think Virgin Media Games Space will be an excellent way of supporting that.” Hayward has been involved with plenty of successful games events, having worked on Bit of Alright, GameCity and Rezzed‘s Leftfield Collection of indie games.

Highlights of the Virgin Media Game Space (VMGS) will include:

  • Week 1: Lifelites Game Jam – a 24-hour developer session in which London Southbank University students will produce games for children with limited mobility
  • Week 2: Cello Fortress showcase
  • Week 3: Beyond: Two Souls (PS3), Tearaway (PS Vita)
  • Week 4: Arcade Jam – Games collectives and artists from all over Europe will come together to build DIY arcade machines and games.

The results of the Arcade Jam will be on display at the VMGS from 17th to 21st September. After this, the Space will be moving to Eurogamer Expo.

Virgin Media Game Space VMGS PlayThe space will also provide industry talks and workshops, as well as showcasing Oculus Rift and upcoming indie games Super Pole Riders, There Shall be Lancing and Krautscape.

You can get more information from and you’ll be able to register there from 19th August for organised events like the Game Jams. Of course, I’ll also add them to our UK games events calendar as and when they’re announced, so check back later this month.

Where is it?

Blackall Studio
73a Leonard Street
London EC2A 4QS

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