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Distinctly Average 6 – Saints Row IV, The Witcher 3, Animal Crossing…

Saints Row IV - Aliens
Colin, Sean, Debbie and Nick talk through the biggest issues in games this week’s Distinctly Average video show.

  • Half-Life 3 rumours – certain segments of the internet were wild with speculation (for a day) when a mysterious code was found in Surgeon Simulator 2013
  • Saints Row IV – it was banned in Australia. Why?
  • The Witcher 3 – it’s totally a game. Very pretty.
  • Animal Crossing: New Leaf – we revisit this game to fix a misconception you may have had from last week’s episode of the show.
  • Arma III – Super serious military sim. Based on the game footage we have from Colin, he won’t survive for long if war does break out in Scotland.
  • State of Decay – a town/team management zombocalypse game.

Got any games or topics that you think the team should tackle next week? Leave it in the comments, please.