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The Sims 4: Character Art and gamescom

The Sims Live Broadcast - Truong and Vaughn

The Sims 4 will be properly revealed during the EA press conference at gamescom this year, on 20th August. Scheduled for release in 2014, the lack of Sims 4 information was one of my disappointments of E3. That and no Dragon Age 3. Come on, EA.

During today’s The Sims Live Broadcast, lead concept artist Albert Truang showed off the character style of the new Sims game. Well, he revealed a sketch and talked through some of their concept principles.

The Sims 4 Character Concept

What we’re trying to go for is a little bit of a sexier cooler design, a little bit more appealing,” said Truong. “Our art director has this term, he calls it Stylised Realism.

“We put a lot of thought into the colour and the design of the characters, a lot of lighting and mood for the characters too, and a little bit of storytelling. If you take a look at her [pictured above], she’s probably a teen rock star or a musician trying to get into a band.”

Ryan Vaughan, Sims Guru and producer on the series told us what we can expect from the show at gamescom. “We’re gonna reveal what The Sims look lke, how they interact with each other and getting into some of the details I know you guys have been clamouring for.”

We’ll also hear a little more about The Sims 4 during the next Sims Live Broadcast, scheduled for 9th July at 6pm BST. During today’s broadcast they were giving away limited edition signed concept sketches, so put that in your calendar now.