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Where’s My Mickey? New Disney Game for Mobile


Disney Interactive have announced their newest mobile game – Where’s My Mickey? Building on the foundations of Where’s My Water? (200 million installs and counting), the new Mickey-based game will use the same style of physics-puzzler gameplay, based around the classic characters we know and love; Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Minnie, Daisy, Goofy and more. It will be available for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile very soon.

Disney Wheres My Mickey Fizz Where’s My Mickey? will launch with over a hundred levels available. Three episodes will ship with the game, which two more available for purchase. Each episode will be themed around a story of Mickey or his friends in their attempts to get water.

In Life Gives You Lemons, Mickey runs a lemonade stand. Shenanigans ensue, as they always do with Mickey, leading you to chase the water across 20 levels per episode. Others available at launch are called Fanning The Flames and Growing Pains. Another one called Ship Wrecked can be bought as DLC at launch, along with a Goofy-themed episode called Van Goofy. The team are working on future downloads as well – during a tour of the studio we saw concept art for The Menace of Venice starring Mickey and Minnie, and A Glass Half Empty, in which Mickey battles a goat in a desert.

Disney have developed the puzzles beyond the original Where’s My Water? There are now clouds to carry water, wind to blow them across the sky and plants to… plant. You’ll be using wind to move the water where you want it and raining down on “fizz” to increase the volume available to Mickey and friends. There’s a gameplay video and studio tour coming to our YouTube channel soon.

Where’s My Mickey? is out now on iOS, Android and Windows Mobile.

Mickey Shorts

Disney have also been working on a new series of animated cartoon shorts. Executive produced and directed by Paul Rudish (Dexter’s Laboratory, Star Wars: Clone Wars) and directors Aaron Springer (SpongeBob SquarePants, Gravity Falls) and Clay Morrow (Dexter’s Laboratory, The Powerpuff Girls) Mickey will find himself in a variety of ridiculous situations.

Across Santa Monica, Tokyo, Paris, Beijing, Venice and a host of other locations, he and his crew will find themselves in modern challenges familiar to each city. In each episode you’ll see them be battling the crowded commuter trains of Tokyo or negotiating the hot dog stand etiquette of New York. Each cartoon will have its own unique art style – The Santa Monica short is heavily inspired by the classic 30s Mickey Mouse cartoons while Tokyo evokes the historic artwork of Japan.

While the idea of updating Mickey for modern sensibilities sounds horrifying, this isn’t the case at all. I saw two of the shorts and they are just as charming and silly as the classics ever were. Also, Mickey has toes. Has Mickey always had toes? They’re quite disturbing.

Disney Shorts - Mickey in The AlpsThe new series of shorts will start on 12th July on The Disney Channel with No Service, the Santa Monica-based episode in which Mickey and Donald attempt to buy snacks from a beachside hut but are stymied by their lack of shirt (Mickey), and shoes (Donald).

This will be followed on Saturday by Yodelberg, where Mickey and Minnie attempt to reunite in the Alps, amid threat of avalanche. Further episodes will be broadcast throughout July.

Disney Shorts - Mickey in The Alps