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Deus Ex: The Fall Revealed for Mobile/Tablet

Deus Ex The Fall - Wall hug
Square Enix have finally revealed Deus Ex: The Fall. It’s a mobile and tablet game set in the Deus Ex universe. While it’s easy to instantly roll your eyes, the gameplay in the video actually looks half-decent.

You have the familiar augment systems, you still have the freedom to shoot, sneak past or take down opponents and there’s plenty of cover. The Fall follows Ben Saxon from James Swallow’s Human Revolution tie-in novel, The Icarus Effect, which tells the story of his run-ins with Lawrence Barrett, Yelena Federova and other characters you’d recognise from the previous game.

Predictably, fans of Human Revolution are outraged purely because it’s not a console game. Right now the YouTube rating stands at 261 thumbs up, 3,874 thumb down with comments like:

GhostNappa2k10: “All? excitement I had for this died when I saw what platform it was on. Why, Eidos, just why?”

fishingcat51: “Of all your franchises, why did you choose to flush such a unique, story driven IP down the drain like this?

I? hope this game fails miserably as a reward for this moronic decision.”

TheGaleForce99: Did you guys make this game with the intention of it being a massive flop or something? Who the? hell are you even targeting with this game? iOS owners play things like Clash of Clans and Candy Crush. My mom is not going to play this, and neither will I apparently. Know your god damn audience. If any single person at your company had a brain, you would release this as a download for consoles as well.

I… yeah. I despair. This might actually be a half-decent game. Pity it’s not on Android tablets :P

Deus Ex The Fall - Shooting Deus Ex The Fall - Augments