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The Last of Us Interviews

The Last of Us Draley and Druckmann
Sean had a chat with The Last of Us directors Bruce Straley and Neil Druckman recently. Coming soon from Naughty Dog (The Uncharted series) The game is, in a large part, inspired by the birth of Druckmann’s daughter. He revealed to us that if the zombie apocalypse happens in the next 5 years, he hopes that he’ll raise her in much the same way that Joel teaches Ellie. We also discovered Straley likes to get up close and personal when taking out zombies. The two may seem like mild-mannered developers but now I wouldn’t want to run into either of them in a dark alley.

Nick also talked with Ashley Johnson about the preparation needed for a role like Ellie and whether there was room for improv in the script. Finally, entomology expert David Hughes discusses how we’ve managed to avoid such a horrific outbreak, given how closely we live in urban environments.