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Sawfly Studios Announce Their New Game

Men's Room Mayhem - Busting Bladder
We featured Sawfly Studios a few months ago, a four-man team made up of ex-Sony Liverpool devs. They’ve now announced their new game! What could the principle designers, artist and programmer from a studio famous for the wipEout series do now that they’ve been let off their corporate leash?


Wait for it…


Men’s Room Mayhem! As the janitor of a busy men’s room, you’re responsible for herding the pee-splashing punters around a public toilet.

Men's Room Mayhem - Overhead


Yes. Make sure the grubby visitors wash their hands before leaving and get bonus points for bathroom etiquette. Don’t put guys next to each other at the urinal when it’s not busy. That’s just weird.

Men's Room Mayhem - EtiquetteNow, I’ve not played the game myself yet but it looks to be something like the famous Flight Control iOS game that everyone was crazy about a few years ago. Only you’re not just landing the planes (or the poos), you’re navigating people around multiple goals. Mayhem certainly sounds appropriate.

Judging by the screenshots it is adorable, loathe as I am to use the word in reference to the blokes’ loo. Just take a look at the instructions here. Awww… don’t those little stick guys they look happy (and relieved) to be near those urinals?

The game will be coming to PS Vita, iOS and Android in a few weeks time. We’ll give it a go and let you know if it’s any cop.

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