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Sony Releases PlayStation 4 Controller Video

PlayStation 4 Dualshock 4 Controller - Move Light
Today Sony have released a video that talks through the features of the new PlayStation 4 controller. Now, I already think this is a wonderful improvement on the Sixaxis, thanks to the rounded grips and concave triggers. In this video a bunch of Sony’s product team talk through how the new features could affect the design of PS4 games.

For example, the Move light at the top allows the system to detect where each controller (and thereby player) is at all times. Pass the controller over to your friend way over at the other end of the sofa and the split-screen displays can follow to put his or her screen in a logical place. Quite apart from that, the idea that developers are thinking seriously about split-screen gaming again is exciting.

I’m not quite as enamoured by the touchpad and speaker. Nintendo has had those for ages and I’ve yet to be impressed by an implementation. Sure, there are some cute tricks like throwing stars in Nintendoland’s Takamaru’s Ninja Castle (sping!), but little with any staying power.

The Share button is cool but I’m still waiting for some proper details on the service. It’s good to see that we’ll be able to edit clips (and the touchpad could definitely help with that) but how powerful will the editor be? Can we add narration? Music? I know they have that partnership with UStream but I want to be able to build up a group of people worth following, and conversely, talk to people who follow me. What will the community tools look like?

Admittedly, all that is rather outside the scope of a 2-and-a-half minute video about the controller. Here you go.