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International Tabletop Day is this Saturday!

Firstly a quick note. There won’t be a Friday Night Unplugged this week. I know I said there would be and I’m a sucker for regular features but thanks to some wibbly life stuff it’s not happening this week. I will be back next week with the scheduled column on Seasons so just keep patient for another week.

TableTopDay_logoIf like me, you still need your hit of tabletop goodness then look no further than the first annual International Tabletop Day. Some of you will have heard of Geek & Sundry and some of the shows it produces and I’d really be surprised if anyone who reads the weekly FNU feature isn’t aware of the existence of Tabletop.

For those that aren’t familiar with it, Tabletop is a show hosted by one of the most high-profile heralds of nerd-dom,  Wil Wheaton. Each episode sees Will sit down with a team of guests and after a brief rules explanation you get to watch them play that weeks game. While it does sound a little dull the variety of minds from across gaming, comedy and television does make for some pretty hilarious viewing. and it’s gained a massive following and you can find all the Tabletop episodes so far on Geek and Sundry.

Back to the point at hand. International Tabletop Day wants you to go to your schools, café’s  workplace or local game store. It wants you to meet, greet and most importantly play some games. So if like me you really want that tabletop hit, you want to roll dice in good company and carve out your own epic adventure then you can do worse than going to and finding your nearest events.  If you’re still not sure then check out what the face of  Geek and Sundry Felicia Day has to say on the matter:

If you’ve got games then grab them. If you don’t then go along and try something new. For any of you York  dwellers interested in attending I’ll be down at Travelling Man York running a few games. For Londoners, our Gaming Den co-hosts at Madd in Soho are running a tabletop event in assocation with Big Red Barrel. Until next week and the next Friday Night Unplugged, have fun and as Wil Wheaton so often says:

Play More Games.