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The Gaming Den: Resounding Success

Whew, it’s been just over a week since our first gaming event and I feel like I’ve only just recovered. The Gaming Den was, undoubtedly, a tremendous success with over 100 gamers showing up and getting stuck in. Colonial Marines went down very well, considering all the bad press it’s had. People were great about passing on the controllers and got a bit of practice in before we kicked off the competition for the main prize – a collector’s edition of the game donated by SEGA that included a fabulous statue of a power loader, and a Colonial Marines T-shirt, kindly donated by GAME. Hamish Jupp absolutely destroyed the competition, killing nine xenomorphs in a five-minute deathmatch. His closest competitor only managed five.

Here’s a video showcasing the first event from our partners, Visual Collective

Gaming Den from The Visual Collective on Vimeo.

I absolutely loved the arcade atmosphere in the retro room. The air was filled with bleeps and bloops, while gamers challenged each other to Super Smash Bros. Melee, Micro Machines and any number of fighting games. I even saw a few people competing on the old NES Track and Field 2. Happy faces all around.

Back in the main projector room, people were playing their own card games on the tables and shouting Spaceteam instructions to one another. So much more was happening than I could have possibly expected and so many thanks to everybody who came.

If you to see more on the games, here’s one from Nerfed at the Gaming Den.

Pictures from the inaugural Gaming Den event are below. We also had people making Vines, tweeting pics and all that stuff, which I’ve collected on Storify.

Stay tuned, as this month’s event will be announced later today. We’re going bigger and better, with 3 projectors, more retro games and another great feature.

The Gaming Den - Retro Room The Gaming Den - Maids of England The Gaming Den - Retro Room and Hallway The Gaming Den - Main Projectors The Gaming Den - Hamish Jupp and Nick Silversides