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Devil May Cry: Dante Has No Penis

DmC - Dante Wanger - BrightDante’s new look in Devil May Cry may be unpopular with fans of the series, but there’s no doubt that Ninja Theory went all-out to make him sexy. All the way out, in fact, which revealed what some fans might consider a significant problem.

Dante has no penis.

I took a close look at Dante’s nude form (for… um… research?) during one of the opening cinematics and there’s a clear lack of dangle where one would definitely expect to see some. Here’s the video proof.

On the other hand, the two ladies he’s seen with at the start of the game certainly didn’t have any complaints. He must be supremely talented in other areas.

We can only dream…

Devil May Cry will be released tomorrow, 15th January, on Xbox 360 and PS3.