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We Were on a Spaceteam

Spaceteam is by far the most exciting party game I’ve played all year. It’s a free iOS title created by Sleeping Beast Games and is ridiculously silly, stressful fun. I wish it was out on Android as well.

It starts simple enough. You and your friends are in control of a spaceship, trying to outrun a supernova. Connect your devices across local wifi or Bluetooth and you’ll each be assigned a control panel. Call out the commands that appear and execute them within the given timeframe. Get enough commands right and you’re away into hyperspace, ready for stage 2 and your new suite of controls.

But the commands you receive might be on your teammate’s panel, not your own. And there might be a translator malfunction. And the coolant might leak onto the panel so you can’t read the labels. And you’re outrunning a freaking supernova and your switches might fall off and you’ll have to put them back on in a hurry but your teammate is shouting commands and you don’t know what they are and now there’s a wormhole looming nearby and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! Everybody flip!

That’s what playing Spaceteam is like and it’s absolutely freaking brilliant. You’ll need to coordinate and communicate very quickly. Talk over each other if you have to because there won’t be time to take nice polite turns. You’re in a fight for your lives and you’re probably going to lose unless you learn to work together.

Get ready for the spaceteam.

Spaceteam is free for iOS 4.3 or later.