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Put Yourself in Neo-Paris

Ever wanted to be in a game? As part of the run-up to Remember Me’s launch in May 2013, Capcom are running a series of competitions, two of which are already underway.

Adverts in 2084

The first requires a bit of artistic talent, so I’m already out of the running. The team want people like you to help flesh out the world of 2084 by designing a billboard for a fictional company. The winning billboards will be incorporated into the backdrop of Remember Me’s Neo-Paris.

There are five types of company up for grabs. Here are the summaries of the advertising briefs:

  • Alcoholic drink: The citizens of 2084 live in varying degrees of wealth and poverty. As in 2012, each class has a stereotypical drink that is affordable and easily available to them. Create a brand of alcohol that will appeal to a certain class and demographic within Neo-Paris.
  • Fast Food: The citizens of 2084 live in a world where knowledge and information is delivered in real time through AR and their Senses. Create a fast food brand that caters to the residents of either (not both) Mid or Deep Paris.
  • Sports/Sports Event: Sport has united classes in celebration for hundreds of years and Neo-Paris is no different. Create a sport or sporting event that will take place in High-Paris, within the most spectacular stadium the city has to offer.
  • Dating Service: Neo-Paris is a world where, should you have a bad experience, you can actually erase that memory and make sure that every love and every date is your first. Create the fullest, most practical and technologically inclusive dating service in Neo-Paris.
  • Children’s Toy Company: Toys have changed. They are no longer the fluffy dolls and pretty animals of 2012. They are advanced, educational, practical and connected pieces of equipment that will stimulate your child in ways that go beyond simple fun. Create a brand or single toy that would be appealing to children and parents of Neo-Paris.

Get the full details and submission instructions over on the Adverts in 2084 Facebook app.

Memories Are Your Life

The second competition went live this week and is much more personal. This time, Capcom are asking people to share a picture of a treasured memory. Include a brief explanation of why the memory is important to you.

Capcom will feature a selection of memories on their “social channels” which presumably means Facebook, maybe Twitter, YouTube, viral marketing and so on. Best not send them the details of your sordid affair with that sexy lad from Marketing.

A small selection of the pictures even make it into the game as part of the visual effect for Nilin’s Memory Override power.

Get the submission details and read the full T&Cs on the Facebook app.