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Guild Wars 2 Environments

I’ve been playing a lot of Guild Wars 2 and even after some 60-ish hours, it’s still an amazing game. I’ll have a post up later in the week explain why. In the meantime here’s a screenshot gallery to show you some of the beautiful environments and quirky areas that I’ve stumbled across in my travels.

A beautiful leafy fountain in Kessex Hills.

An adorable Asuran child in her play area. The big one is my character.

A combat arena set up on the beach. This is taken from one of the vistas in the area.

I’m just chilling in the library.

The orreries hanging above the Upper City of Divinity’s Reach are fantastic.

Look out behind you!

Incredible column of floating tablets I have forgotten where this was. Sorry. inside the Durmand Priory HQ in Lornar’s Pass.

Occasionally you’ll find a pair of goggles at left behind by the locals at popular diving spots.

Yup, I’m making a mess of the war room battle plans.

I’m sure they won’t mind if I borrow this bed for a while.

Of course, when you’re actually playing, the game looks more like this: