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Final Fantasy VII – Click Here to Level Up

Square Enix have officially confirmed the release of Final Fantasy VII for PC exclusively on the Square Enix store later this year.

FFVII is acclaimed by most as the greatest Final Fantasy game ever to be released. While I don’t share this opinion, I do have a certain attatchement to the series. as one of the first FF games I played it’s difficult not to.

Having spawned a whole host of sequels/prequels and even a few movies Square Enix have decided its time to go back to the series roots. Thankfully this isn’t in the form of the HD remake long rumoured by fans across the globe. Instead this epic saga is being released on PC… again.

PC gamers have seen FFVII available before back in 1998, however the massive change in Windows software since was no doubt a big factor in deciding on a re-release. As with the original PC release, graphically, VII appears to be smoother. Sadly we only have the screenshots to go from here but it doesn’t hurt to dream right?

Along with a host of achievements to unlock, something even the PSN release didn’t have access to this version, this re-release is playing hardball. Of course no good RPGS could be shotgunned into this millennium without adding a few tweaks.

A section of the new website is titled “Character Boosters ” and an announcement since by Square Enix themselves revealed what is in essence a Cheat Button.

“Find yourself stuck on a difficult section or lacking the funds to buy that vital phoenix down? With the Character Booster you can increase your HP, MP and Gil levels to their maximum. All with the single click of a button, leaving you free to enjoy your adventure”

Wait. What? You did read that right. We’ve asked Square Enix about this and yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Click button to win.

The fanboy in me is crying. One of the core principles of FF games is level grinding. That moment when you finally beat a boss you have been stuck on, either through levelling up some more or changing tactics is one of the feelings that stuck with me most as a young gamer.

Square Enix are undoubtedly trying to bring a new audience to the Final Fantasy legacy and this isn’t a bad thing. If like me, you prefer to complete your FF games through a mix of brute force and strategy I imagine you still can. If you want to cheat your way through and boost your stats or get upgrades early then that’s your choice.

If it helps newcomers through the genre enjoy a story they haven’t been able to play before I’m all for it. At least having a new FFVII out will take the pressure away from Square Enix while they remake FFX right?

Get more info on the Final Fantasy VII PC website.