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E3 2012: Planetside 2 Video

Planetside 2 was on show at E3 and the team at Sony Online Entertainment have now released the video that was shown. Designer Joshua Sanchez talked us through the three factions and the extensive customisation options available in the game.

The game will be a free-to-play online PC FPS with a persistent world. Players will join one of three factions. Each faction has its own style of technology so which one you enjoy most will depend on your play style.

  • Terran Republic – These guys are the fast shooters
  • New Conglomerate – Slower rates of faster but much more damage per round
  • Vanu Sovereignty – This faction is much more high-tech with energy weapons and different vehicle types

The factions will battle for territory across map of hexagonal control regions or battlegrounds. Winning battlegrounds will give your faction fuel, ammo or technology bonuses.

Each character has a detailed class system and “certifications”, which are basically entries on a skills tree:

  • Infiltrator – These can cloak and snipe from long range
  • Engineer – Set up traps for tanks and throw explosives
  • Light assault – Use your jump packs to leap walls.
  • Heavy assault – Move slow but with heavy armour. Carries 2 heavy weapons like the rocket launcher and chain gun
  • Combat medic – You’re a medic. Who can fight.

You wouldn’t think it from the promo art but there are plenty of female avatars as well. The future military does not disciminate on gender. Further into on the classes is in the video below.

You’ll also find vehicles. Loads and loads of vehicles. Ground transport, tanks, one-man aircraft. The lot. You can also customise the weapons on vehicles and add personal touches like spoilers and hood ornaments. Each faction has 2 unique types of aircraft with the others being available to all players.

Watch the video for deets and pretty pictures.

The Planetside 2 beta will be opening soon on PC with priority given to existing Planetside players and those with priority access codes. We’re giving away a dozen codes – just drop a comment below and we’ll pick some winners next week.