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E3 2012 – From The Show Floor

We’ve been crazy busy over the past couple of days at E3. Between the two of us we’ve seen Hitman: Absolution, World of Warplanes, Dragon Commander, Formula 1 2012, God of War 3 and been hands-on with Resident Evil 6, Lost Planet 3, Fable: The Journey and more.

We’ve also interviewed Ron Rosenberg (executive producer of Tomb Raider), Jeramy Cooke (Art Director of Borderlands 2) and Matt Boch (Project Director of Dance Central 3), Paul Jeal (Senior Producer). All this will be up on the site just as soon as we find 5 minutes to gather our collective breath and type it all up. In the meantime, here’s a peek at the biggest and best booths on the show floor.

Click the links below and you’ll be able to view them as a panaroma in your browser rather than just a flat image.

E3 2012 - Nintendo Stand Panorama

360 Panoramas of E3 2012:

Update 15th June 2012: Added Sony stand and Microsoft press conference panoramas.