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Chrono Trigger: My Most Troubled Gaming Experience

The seminal Chrono Trigger, one of many RPG adventures that is said to define RPG adventures of the 90’s, has been an oddly troubled addition to my gaming history.  I have started the journey no less than three times, never actually progressing any further than the first time travel sequence, for various reasons.

First of all, Chrono Trigger is infamous for never obtaining a release in the UK for the Super Nintendo. That didn’t stop me however, when I eventually scooped a US edition for no less than £92 on eBay 10 years ago. This was the going rate at the time for a game only available on emulators for us Brits, and for a console that had long since ceased production.

The price alone shows how sought after a copy of this then-rare supposed gaming delight was. Nevertheless, I was determined to have it. Sure enough, the copy worked with my trusty converter fine, and it felt too good to be true that I was actually playing Chrono Trigger. It would not last long however. Due to a car accident at the time, with a hefty repair bill, it unfortunately had to go.

Then I tried using a SNES emulator, but using the keyboard just wasn’t the same. But then, Nintendo did something wonderful. The DS had become a good outlet for 2D RPG’s, even being the exclusive hardware for newly crafted Dragon Quest titles, remakes also. Chrono Trigger fit this bill perfectly, and so, it was finally released in the United Kingdom. When I no longer had a DS! Having already spent over £90 on the title before, I couldn’t bring myself to do it again. So I left it alone, with regret.

So it was with great pleasure when I finally purchased Chrono Trigger for a medium that would be mine (hopefully) forever: The iPhone. Now it must be said that at face value, the majority of Square Enix’s App Store titles seem expensive.But, for a game that will last me many, many hours, is accessible wherever my phone is, and has no less than 15 different endings, £6.99 was a definite bargain. The touch controls can be a bit flimsy, particular in battles when trying to select specific options. Nevertheless, I finally made it beyond the initial section, and am now over a couple of hours in! What a pathetic gamer I am sometimes.

I think it surprises us all at times how dedicated we are as gamers. Since its original release in 1995 (when I was 14, I might add), Chrono Trigger was a game I’d always wanted to experience. That desire never left me. In fact, it’s the most fulfilling gaming quest I’ve ever completed! online slots The game does not disappoint, which is of course the greatest reward.

As much as the gaming industry is always moving forwards, breaking new ground, I feel it’s important for us to look back, and remind us how we got to this point. Much like listening/watching classic music/movies, there is a place for all, something for everyone. Certainly, when it comes down to the JRPG genre, the 8-bit and 16 bit titles blow some of today’s efforts away.

Final Fantasy XIII was a hugely disappointing title; sacrificing brilliant script, plot, characters and arguably even its own purpose for the sake of big budget graphics, cut scenes and what feels like multiple endless corridors. FFXIII even put me off any and all RPG’s of its kind for a good while. Chrono Trigger is the silent movie masterpiece compared to FFXIII’s big budget Michael Bay disaster.

If you read any “top 100 games of all time” list, Ocarina of Time may always be up top, but Chrono Trigger is always highly placed among this ‘Hall of Fame’, too. Chrono Trigger is considered a landmark title of the time, garnering worldwide coverage, even though not released fully worldwide until 2009. I personally have never voted in any of these lists ever, so I’m clearly far from alone with my views. Although (very) late to the party, Chrono Trigger is quickly becoming one of my gaming landmarks. Thank you Square Enix.