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MMO News Round-Up: Tuesday 6th March 2012

GuildWars2_LogoGuild Wars 2 continues to be the biggest thing since sliced bread and I’m not going to repeat what you’ve probably already seen. Suffice to say, there’s stuff here (traits & attributes) and here (lots of links) if you’re interested.

An MMORPG .. from a television show .. from a book? Bigpoint have announced their upcoming browser based MMORPG based on Game of Thrones, working alongside Artplant they’ll be releasing more information at the GDC this week. It’ll only be pre-production but interesting nonetheless, the website certainly isn’t giving anything away.

One of the many games I’ve wanted to love but swiftly found myself wanting more from is Dungeons & Dragons Online, Turbine will be releasing the “Menace of the Underdark” expansion pack in June 2012. It looks to be reasonably standard MMORPG fare with an increased level cap, more places to get lost in and a bewildering combination of subscription, VIP packs and micro-transactions. Of interest is the addition of a Druid class and a plethora of Companion Pets (I know, I know) should you pre-purchase.

Several launches this week, both for games that I’m a little obsessed with. Aion Free-to-Play went live at the start of the week, I assume the transfers of old accounts to new went smoothly as I’ve not seen any drama and when I logged on last night the starter areas seemed nicely busy. Wakfu also went live, it seems like this game has spent forever in development so it’s great to see it finally out there and not in beta form. If you fancy something a bit different and the cuteness doesn’t make you want to hurl then I’d recommend it. have revealed the third faction for their upcoming World of Warplanes title. The game is in its “global alpha stage” and has already seen over 100,000 sign ups to help test and feedback, AVG asked project manager Alexander Zezulin what to expect.

10/10 for a combination I’d never have thought of goes to Dino Storm, how could you not want to be “bold enough to marry dinosaurs with a wild west setting and laser guns”. I’ve signed up for beta and will wait and see if it’s car-crash entertainment or a stroke of genius.

Does anyone still play RuneScape? According to my Spam filters it’s all I ever do, I’m permanently “under investigation”. Still .. if you do and you like free shit then have a play on the “Squeal of Fortune” – you could win some Demonic Horns.