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Achiever! Tips for Foxiest of the Hounds

My favourite game Achievements are the ones that challenge you to play a game differently. Recently I have been tackling the Foxiest of the Hounds achievement for Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Foxiest of the Hounds involves completing the game without setting off a single alarm, rather than my usual style of blasting my way through a level with as many explosives as possible. Sounds daunting but if you bear in mind these simple points you can make life a lot easier for yourself.

  • Main quests only – the fastest and simplest way to get this is to only tackle the main campaign. Side quests don’t count towards the achievement so don’t bother unless you are in dire need of some XP.
  • Alarm not alarmed – enemies entering an alarmed state don’t trigger an alarm automatically so don’t worry if you get spotted on your crate toting travels. Alarms can only be activated by cameras, alarm panels and as far as I can tell sentry bots. There are some worries over whether failed hacks set off alarms so be careful.
  • Choose your upgrades carefully – Praxis points will be scarce. Obviously spend out on augments such as the Cloaking system and Stealth Hacking upgrades as soon as possible as these will make the game much much easier. After that it’s up to you, anything that means you can stay hidden for longer or take more enemies out faster is a bonus.
  • Keep an eye on your awards – most main quests can be completed with either the Stylishly Done bonus for not setting off alarms or the Ghost bonus for not being seen at all. If you don’t get either of these don’t panic. So long as you are sure you haven’t set anything off you should be fine.
  • SAVE! – This one should be the most obvious, save and save often. Make sure you use 2-3 slots so that if anything goes wrong you can always backtrack a little, you don’t want to fail a conversation to be faced with hacking a door you don’t have the right skills to open or killing your way in.

There we have it; 5 simple pointers that should make getting this achievement a cinch. Got any questions or other achievements you want us to tackle? Do let us know in the comments.