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Controlled Quantum Levitation Can Mean Only One Thing

On JISTQuantum’s YouTube channel there is a single video entitled – Controlled Quantum Levitation on a Wipe’Out Track. This video shows two wipEout type ships racing around a small-scale track (Moa Therma from wipEout Pulse) that uses a magnetic field to keep them hovering above the surface.

So Sony’s started the marketing campaign for wipEout 2048 then. Good job really as the game is released in Japan in only 16 days time. I was a little suspicious of the video because the ships look like CGI, the Japan Insitute of Science and Technology doesn’t exist and searching for the name JISTQuantum leads you to Sony Japan’s (SCEJ) Metacafe video channel. Shame really, as I’d love to have an anti-gravity racing track in my flat.

Check out our Unity Square zone mode and Rockway Stadium videos to see just how awesome wipEout 2048 looks on the PS Vita. For real this time.

Update 4th Jan 2011: Quantum Levitation is a real thing as you can see in this video. The really cool stuff starts from 2:34. Thanks to Matthew for posting the video link on our Facebook page.

wipEout 2048 is released on the 22nd Feb 2012 in US and Europe and on the 19th Jan 2012 in Japan for the PS Vita.

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