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Dizzy Returns!

It’s been a long time, but Dizzy has never been forgotten. Now he is back, with the release of Dizzy: Prince of the Yolkfolk, on iOS, due on 9th December 2011.

This new HD release is in fact a remake of the 1991 release with the same name, which was released multi-format, including the NES. From the trailer and screens provided on the official Dizzy site, Codemasters certainly look to have retained the formula that gave the series the success it deserved in the 80’s and early 90’s. I for one am really looking forward to it, as it will rekindle memories from my childhood, and my favourite Sinclair Spectrum game, Fantasy World Dizzy.

The Dizzy series is almost an amalgamation of genres; great platforming, tough puzzle solving, open adventure, even role playing to a certain extent. Fantasy World Dizzy was the third game released in the core series and many of the implemented changes to the formula stuck for all future releases, including Prince of the Yolkfolk, which was the seventh. The introduction of three lives was new, and it also uses tools that became synonymous with another beloved adventure series, Monkey Island, such as a much improved inventory system, and fellow characters to interact with, the YolkFolk

The YolkFolk were a cool bunch of characters, only really since replicated in the realm of Donkey Kong Country. There’s the cool one, the old man, the girlfriend, and the hippie. These have stuck with the series over time, which brings us back to the remake in question. Prince of The YolkFolk is often heralded as the best Dizzy game. The puzzles had me stumped for hours at times, but this only adds to the quality of the design.

Dizzy has his own characteristics that would never be forgotten, remake or not; when he jumps, he somersaults over and over, and when he falls too. He’s an intelligent egg, but to be fair, does look a bit dim, particularly in the 8 bit originals. That’s how he was given his name, and it gives him character.

Unfortunately, I have never played the original Prince of the YolkFolk. In fact, Fantasy World Dizzy is the only regular Dizzy game I have played. However, from the wonderful experience I had with Fantasy World, and with improved feedback for each release thereafter, this will be a great release for iOS and will rekindle memories for many more people out there, too.

Anyone else out there looking forward to playing Dizzy again?