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I’ve spent the past 24 hours obsessing over the new iOS app from Harmonix, VidRhythm. Strictly speaking, VidRhythm not a game. It’s a tool. A musical toy, perhaps. Here’s how it works.

  1. Pick a song from the list
  2. Pick a video style
  3. Record a bunch of 1-second samples
  4. VidRhythm remixes those samples into a music video

It sounds so simple and unassuming. Sedate, even. Here’s what actually happens:

I love it. Not sure if this is one of my frequent faddish obsessions or something that will have more sticking power but right now I’m having loads of fun making silly videos with household objects. For more of the insanity, see my very first attempt. This was made before I had a clue what the app did – Debbie Does VidRhythm.

Surreal, to say the least. If you want to see more, videos uploaded directly to YouTube through the app are tagged as “Made with VidRhythm

The app is available now for £1.45. Get VidRhythm from the iTunes App Store. Sad to say that there’s no Android version at the moment.